Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling

This week I'm sharing grapevines.
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In Numbers 13:23 the bible talks about the fruit brought back to Moses from the Valley of Eshcol.

I did a sketch with an ultra fine point purple pen of a vine full of grapes.  All the color was added with prismacolor colored pencils.
Deuteronomy 30 & 31 speak about the end of Moses' life and I chose to make another grapevine on this page to represent the fullness of Moses' life, vines that had already been harvested.  

This design was sketched in black ultra fine pen and colored with watercolors in greens and light browns.  The verses are outlined in gold metallic pen, the ones on the left colored with watercolor and the one on the right later on with prismacolor.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Come See the Wildflower Garden

The wildflower garden I planted last year has come up and is absolutely gorgeous this year.
We have a horseshoe drive and this is inside it.  Our big mesquite tree grows in one corner.  This bed is about 3 feet wide.  I put in a few plants from the nursery last year but most everything you see is what has come up from the 1000's of seeds I scattered last spring.  Those Queen Anne's Lace are 4 feet tall!

I had gotten a lot of seed packets marked way down at the end of the season and those along with a wildflower mix a friend gave me is what I scattered over this mostly bare bed last spring.  Very little came up last year though I did have blanket flower blooming it's heart out all winter.
And it is still blooming.
Above you see the arbor I redid 2 years ago with branches instead of the falling apart lattice it used to have.

Here's Buttercup, my supervisor.
And I just purchased a Red Flame grapevine, sharing the planter box with a yellow chrysanthemum about to bloom.  The planter boxes on either side of the arbor were made last year from scrap wood.  They are bottomless so they have good drainage.
This bush is just under the mesquite tree, you can even see a couple of red berries amongst the flowers on the top right.
This is the other side of the horseshoe, only a few blooming plants here, most of the ones I purchased did not make it, but a few did.  I will sow wildflower seed here this year and next year it should be gorgeous too.  Hopefully all will resow themselves from here on out.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling

Another set of facing pages.

Kind of a zen tangle thing many years before it was ever invented.  Outline in pen, free-handed, and then colored with pink to red to purple prismacolor pencils.

The outside edge was outlined with gold metallic marker pen.

Friday, April 22, 2016

How I Made 2 New Orbs for the Recycled Garden

It's been raining for days and the ground is still too soggy to do much.
So I got out these $1 nail polishes I had for crafts, a navy blue bowling ball and a red hollow ball made of resin.
This is the bowling ball, it took about 3 days.  I just kept brushing on the polish and overlapping colors, finishing with some pearlized polishes that blended things nicely.  I used a small foam wreath from the dollar store, inside a grocery sack, to set the bowling ball on so it would not roll.
And the smaller ball, it took 2 sessions.  Same system for painting this one except that I went around it instead of up and down.
They look a bit like planets, don't they?

I have another bowling ball that I think I might cover with pennies.
And remember this one I covered in marbles?
Maybe the yard will dry out enough that they can all find homes outside tomorrow.

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