Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Small Change

You'll notice a small change to the header title.
Being on a very small budget I make what I need with things I find for cheap or free like the free wood from an old horse barn and free pavers used to make this compost bin.
Old plastic garden pots used to grown herbs and vegetables.
Old free bricks to fill a gap in the patio and paint to connect it all together.
More free wood, tree trimmings and 2 cheap metal file cabinets to make a planter.
And more free wood to make a lattice wall.
So I added to the name of the blog, it is now Canterbury Cottage & The Recycled Garden.
There will be more recycled projects to come soon!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Art From Junk

Look what you can create with cast off junk!

You can see closeups and read more at Ilona's blog here.

Ilona is known as Britain's tightest woman or Mean Queen.  That means she is exceedingly frugal and hates waste.  She love animals and walking across England - literally - and takes some wonderful photos of the English countryside.  She'll show you how to save money by not spending it or spending less.  And she's very creative with things other people throw away.

Give her blog a visit!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just Not Right Thursday #62

Sorry I missed last week!

Back in 1880 the ads were cute but I'm not so sure about the cure.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Embellished Purse Project

I was needing a new purse, I usually only have 1 or 2.  I looked at all the resale and thrift stores and didn't find anything.  I'm a bit picky, it has to be a shoulder bag, it has to not be heavy to start with, it need 2 or 3 sections and an outside pocket for keys.

Found some that fit the bill at Walmart and I had a choice of 3 fabrics.  Blue jean, jean look with flowers or black.  Only the blue jean one seemed to be made of a strong enough fabric to hold up for a good length of time so I went with it.

I wanted to make mine be different from anyone else's so I decided to embellish it.
I started with a pale yellow piece cut from a doily that was past repair.  Then tucked under the raw ends and stitched it down with a matching thread.  Hmmmm, that looks like a peacock's the embroidery began.  Beads and such will be added eventually and I may add more embroidery, we'll see.

This is how much was finished in a week and a half, it's hard to embroider on the pocket flap as it is several layers thick with a stiffener in it.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just Not Right Thursday #61

I didn't know milk came in plastic jugs back then.
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